The Stalybridge Old Band, hereafter referred to as the "Band", is an independent organisation.


The Band is a not-for-profit group whose principal aim is to teach people how to play musical instruments. The Band has no barriers to access and is open to absolutely any member of the community. The mission statement of the Band is to promote participation in and enjoyment of music in the local community without any barriers to access.


The Band acknowledges that it has a responsibility for the safety of children undertaking musical education or otherwise under its temporary care. It also recognises that good child protection policies and procedures are of benefit to everyone involved with the Band's work, including staff and members, as they can help to protect them from erroneous or malicious allegations.


The Band is committed to practices which protect children from harm. For the purposes of this policy, the Band 's staff includes not only members but also all volunteers and all adult learners.


Because, at times. members have access to or contact with children, the Band have 4 Designated C.P.P. Safety Officers who hold Disclosure and Barring Service Certificates.


They are also required to:


a) recognise and accept their responsibilities

b) develop awareness of the issues which can cause children harm

c) report concerns following the procedure below


The Band will endeavour to safeguard children by:


a) adopting child protection procedures and a code of practice for all who work on behalf of the organisation, in accordance with this document.

b) reporting concerns to the authorities

c) following carefully procedures for recruitment and selection of

d) providing effective management for staff through support and training


The Band is also committed to reviewing its Child Protection Policy and Code of Practice at regular intervals.


It is the Band 's policy that:

1. All members and staff working on behalf of the Band accept responsibility for the welfare of children who come into contact with the Band in connection with its tasks and functions, and that they will report any concerns about a child or somebody else's behaviour, using the procedures laid down.


2. There are designated child protection persons within the Band who will take action following any expression of concern and the lines of responsibility in respect of child protection are clear.


3. Designated child protection persons know how to make appropriate referrals to child protection agencies.


4. All those who are involved with children on behalf of the Band should adhere to the Code of Practice in relation to children.


5. Information relating to any allegation or disclosure will be clearly recorded as soon as possible, and there is a procedure setting out who should record information and the time-scales for passing it on.


6. The Children Act 1987 states that "the welfare of the child is paramount". This means that considerations of confidentiality which might apply to other situations should not be allowed to over-ride the right of children to be protected from harm. However, every effort should be made to ensure that confidentiality is maintained for all concerned when an allegation has been made and is being investigated (see Appendix C ).


7. The Band's policy on duty of care to children will be referred to, or included in, recruitment, training, and policy materials where appropriate, and the policies are openly and widely available to staff and actively promoted within the organisation.


8. A culture of mutual respect between children and those who represent the Band in all its activities will be encouraged, with adults modelling good practice in this context.


9. It is part of the Band's acceptance of its responsibility of duty of care towards children that anybody who encounters child protection concerns in the context of their work on behalf of the Band will be supported when they report their concerns in good faith.